MCEC is proud to be the first and largest Type M9, state-sanctioned medical cannabis delivery service based in San Bernardino County. We transport medical cannabis, edibles, concentrates, and cannabis-related products to legally registered patients in California. We are one of the most recognized medical cannabis companies in the region and pioneered the on-demand delivery service model. MCEC patients have the option of ordering via call-center, website, and mobile app while tracking orders using real-time GPS. Our reputation and footprint continues to grow by adhering to the following fundamental business practices: Provide best of breed products, create an exceptional customer experience and make a positive impact in all the communities that we serve. Today, MCEC is considered one of the most trusted and recognized on-demand cannabis delivery services in Southern California.


In the spring of 2016, we began a grassroots effort to help shape and build the commercialization of medical cannabis delivery services. Over the next 2 years, cannabis supporters, collective owners, and legal representatives worked with the local municipality to craft sensible legislation. In November 2017, local legislation passed and a new era of cannabis commerce began in San Bernardino County.


MCEC is a company that was built with great intent and integrity. From the beginning, we established a culture we refer to as our founding principles: Work hard to help transform the lives of our patients, inspired by our patients. Collaborate as a team to ensure that knowledge and wisdom are shared for the benefit of all. Adhere to high ethical standards to be transparent, truthful, equitable & trustworthy. Stay passionate and committed to our mantra of caring, helping and being good citizens in all the communities that we serve.