What’s the Big Deal with the NFuzed Cannabis Inhaler?

What’s the Big Deal with the NFuzed Cannabis Inhaler?

What’s the Big Deal with the NFuzed® Cannabis Inhaler?

NFuzed Cannabis Inhaler: Our members have probably seen the N Fuzed Cannabis Inhaler on our menu and thought, “A cannabis inhaler? How does that even work?” The good news here is that it is the entire purpose of this blog! We’re going to give you the full rundown on how this fantastic product works and how it will help our members with what ails them. 

To start we want to go over how the Cannabis inhaler works…

The NFuzed Cannabis inhaler is not the same as an asthma inhaler. In fact, the N fuzed inhaler is similar to a Hydrofluoroalkane inhaler or HFAs (formerly called meter dose inhalers) that provide the cannabis distillate through a small, handheld aerosol canister.  According to WebMD, they work more as a spray can. The user pushes the inhaler, it sprays out the medicine, and the member breathes the precise 5mg dose in.

How is this better than smoking?

Most cannabis users are fond of smoking it simply due to it being the oldest method of use.  Smoking, whether it be through matches or vape, has its drawbacks.  See, heat creates toxins and carcinogens that are then inhaled by the user.  As opposed to the inhaler which uses pressure to deliver the dose, as opposed to heat, thus resulting in a cleaner less toxic experience.

Are there any drawbacks to the Cannabis Inhaler?

Nothing is ever perfect.  There are a few cons to this otherwise neat product.  First, this product does contain saccharin lactose which is an artificial sweetener and could increase blood sugar levels.  Also, as with most products that are inhaled, the taste is not great.  However, that can be easily overlooked due to the effectiveness of the product. 

Who could benefit from this kind of product?

The N Fuzed Cannabis inhaler is ideal for those who have medical needs that involve avoiding the act of smoking.  The feedback MCEC is receiving from these folks is incredibly excited about the technology and especially the consistency that the inhaler offers them.

Tempted to buy a NFuzed® Cannabis Inhaler? Buy one now!

To learn more about NFuzed® inhalers, visit their website by clicking the logo.

Photos 1-4 provided by @fuzedbrands on Instagram.