The Re-branding of CKSoul

The Re-branding of CKSoul

How to Navigate the Re-branding of Cannakids to CKSoul

The Re-branding of CKSoul: Cannakids has been an important brand for a lot of our members and their children.  Cannakids and its mission were inspired by the owner’s little girl, Sophie Ryan. You can read more about Sophie and her story here. Cannakids has recently re-branded to CKSoul and renamed their formulas.  MCEC understands that this can be very daunting to those who have used the brand for years and are unsure as to where to start.  We are here to help! So we put together this equivalency chart to help Cannakids patrons navigate the new CK Soul line.

CKSoul Balance is equivalent to Cannakids 1:1

The CKSoul Balance 1:1 tincture contains a dose of CBD and THC cannabinoids paired with an all-natural terpene blend.  This product can be psychoactive for some but is great for daytime or nighttime use based on the preference of the consumer.

CKSoul Restore is equivalent to Cannakids 20:1

CK Soul’s Restore is a 20:1 CBD-rich blend that provides a low concentration of CBD compounds and an essential blend of terpenes to promote focus and enhance your mood.  Consumers can incorporate this any way into their normal routine for overall wellness support.

CKSoul Boost is equivalent to Cannakids CBD 1000mg

CKSoul’s Boost is an 18:1 ratio equivalent to Cannakids CBD 1000mg formula. It is a unique blend of full-spectrum cannabinoids, all-natural terpenes, and a light grape flavoring.  This high concentrated CBD rich tincture may create a calming and relaxing effect.

CKSoul Boost + is equivalent to Cannakids CBD 3000mg

CK Soul Boost + is the highest potency CBD tincture and is equivalent to the Cannakids CBD 3000mg formula.  It is a 20:1 ratio and highly concentrated.  It is intended for those looking to maximize their cannabinoid intake.

CKSoul Support is equivalent to Cannakids CBDa

CKSoul Support is a proprietary CBDa tincture made with the highest quality of CBD rich cannabis flower and organic olive oil to preserve and provide the therapeutic acid-based properties of CBDa.

CKSoul Serenity THCa is equivalent to Cannakids Spectrum THCa

CKSoul’s Serenity is a specialty THCa tincture that assists with daytime relief without the intoxicating effects of THC. All-natural terpenes are paired with a high content of antioxidants allowing for a serenity-like feeling.

CKSoul Serenity is equivalent to Cannakids Spectrum THC

CKSoul Serenity THC is a low-potency tincture with psychoactive effects based on the consumer’s method of dosing.  There is an additional terpene blend that produces a sense of calmness and serenity.

CKSoul Renew is equivalent to Cannakids THC 1000mg

CKSoul Renew is a high potency THC tincture integrated with all-natural terpenes and light grape flavoring. This tincture will produce psychoactive effects.  It assists with sleep and rejuvenation during the night.

We hope this helps our loyal Cannakids members migrate to the new re-branded formulas.  As you can see, CKSoul is all the same tinctures with new bottles, and new marketing.  If you need additional assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to our Wellness Advisors.  They have all been briefed on the re-branding and are more than willing to assist you with the transition.