Elisabeth’s Bio

Elisabeth has been with MCEC since the very beginning. She was one of the very few who were chosen at the Job Fair hosted back in October 2017. Kind-hearted and eager to learn, Elisabeth was a main go-to in the call center when it came to all things CBD when MCEC first opened. Since then, she has been certified in four different CBD courses and is the main contact for call cannabis consultations.


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Mike’s Bio

Mike was hired as a fulfillment and call center representative in June of 2019. His hard work and integrity were quickly noticed and he was promoted to Fulfillment Supervisor last Fall, members will often see his signature on the back of their thank you cards. He uses cannabis as a mood elevator and to treat his mild insomnia. In his time away from MCEC, you can usually find Mike BBQing in his backyard and hanging out with his daughter.


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Lindsie’s Bio

Lindsie was hired in June 2019 alongside Mike as a fulfillment and call center representative, then transitioned into inventory and marketing at the end of 2019. Originally from Orange County and having frequented most of the dispensaries in that area, Lindsie always has her eyes on new and upcoming products to bring on the MCEC menu, as well as medical advances being with cannabis. When she’s not working at MCEC, Lindise enjoys spending time with her family, her adorable corgi, Jones, and her cat, Zatanna.


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