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  • THC: 84.78%
  • CBD: 0.15%

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*Our custom terpene separation process uses CO2.*

AROMA: Lemon, Sweet, Floral.

EFFECTS: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric.

INDICA: At Platinum Vape, we strive to be at the forefront of the cannabis industry using innovative thinking, honesty, and responsibility. We hold ourselves and our partners to high standards, which translates to high-quality, affordable cannabis products that our customers love. With its THC reaching levels up to 20-25%, you can guarantee that this cross between OG Kush and Afghani was a genius idea. SFV OG's parents created a strain that not only passes on its powerful cerebral Sativa effects but its best Indica qualities - a perfect 50/50 blend. This strain has a strong lemon scent and flavor, but it's also sweet and floral. Used for clear headed thinking, meditation, and euphoria.

SFV OG - or San Fernando Valley OG - began as a phenotype of OG Kush. A grower named Swerve at Cali Connection Farms in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley bred it with an Afghani from Homegrown Fantaseeds. The resulting strain takes its initials from its parent strain, as well as the abbreviated location of its seed bank. Breeders created the strain after selecting OG Kush for its earthy, lemony smell and sedating properties, which are the result of high levels of myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene. The strain took 3rd place in the Indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2012, and 1st place at the Denver Cannabis Cup that same year.

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