Rollin with Russ & Lori: RV Adventures and Cannabis

Rollin with Russ & Lori: RV Adventures and Cannabis

Rollin' with Russ & Lori

A letter from Russ & Lori from Rollin' with Russ and Lori:

Hello from Rollin’ with Russ & Lori!

We trust this blog finds you healthy and happy! It appears camping has needed to evolve with the times as other venues do. RV sales have been exceptionally good as of late and continue to show a trend of increasing sales. Both new RV and veteran RV owners are on the road, as social distancing is quite easy in an RV adventure.

  Russ and Lori have been exploring RV destinations and have ventured out to camp ourselves a bit. What we are seeing is an earlier reservation need, as campgrounds are filling quite fast. Interstate 395 from Lone Pine and destinations north are popular and beautiful settings. Camping is good, fishing is good, with social distancing being key to keeping these RV parks open.

  If planning on visiting a ‘first come first served’ campground, Russ and Lori suggest a Tuesday or Wednesday arrival. This may be your best opportunity to secure a spot.

These are strange times, and we all do our best to be good to each other. Stay well, Russ and Lori will see you next time. Until then, Keep on Rollin’!

Russ and Lori           

Rollin' with Russ and Lori: Russ and Lori

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