Rollin with Russ & Lori: Adventures in Montana

Rollin with Russ & Lori: Adventures in Montana

Rollin' with Russ & Lori

Adventures in Montana & a hello to our MCEC friends!

  Adventures in Montana & a hello to our MCEC friends! We took a road trip to Big Fork, Montana, to visit our daughter and family. For this adventure, we towed our 22-foot travel trailer with our pick-up truck. This smaller single axle trailer was a pleasure to tow along behind us. Since the ride from our digs in Apple Valley to Big Fork is about 1,300 miles, taking two individual night stops made the drive quite easy.

Taking Interstate 15 most of the way north, topography changes are dramatic. Livestock and wildlife change as one travels north. Crops and fields change from corn, to wheat, to potatoes, and more. Approaching Montana, watching for deer was important. The deer population is high this year. Once in Big Fork, wild turkeys wandered by each day.

Many deer with fawns happened by, feasting on leaves and tall grass. Cherry season is pushing well into August. Picking buckets of cherries at 50 cents a pound was surreal. There is a peaceful sensation, seeing the 150-year-old cabins and groves, nothing changed there.

MCEC products kept us pain free, hiking and playing with our grandsons. ‘thrive anti-inflammatory roll-on’ works immediately and absorbs quickly. We were impressed with how the product is effective with muscular, joint, or nerve pain. Pure vape CBD Boost disposable vape works great for early morning aches and pains or a refreshing start to a restful night sleep.

  Finding the right cannabis combination for you is as easy as consulting with your MCEC expert. Stay well, be happy, and Let’s Get Rollin’!

Russ & Lori

Rollin' with Russ and Lori: Russ and Lori

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  1. Robert Jongenelen says:

    Hello From Savannah, GA

    What a great excursion! Long excursions, with a nice Van Morrison CD and plenty of Ice Tea, Ahhh, it’s the only way to travel. Thanks for posting about your trip to Montana, a place where I’d like to visit once I retire.

    Happy Trails,
    Robert & Karen J.

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