Rollin’ with Russ and Lori as they use MCEC products

Rollin’ with Russ and Lori as they use MCEC products

Rollin' with Russ & Lori

A letter from Russ & Lori from Rollin' with Russ and Lori:

Rollin’ with Russ and Lori: Hello from Russ and Lori, 

   We  would like to thank MCEC for the opportunity to bring ‘Rollin’ with Russ and Lori’ to you in a monthly format. With staying healthy in mind and body foremost, we take that wellness and enjoy some adventures. These can be RV adventures, adventures close to home, or adventures at your home.  

   The Medical Cannabis Educational Center has been important in our lives, as both Russ and Lori have experienced ailments that happen upon we humans, and we take no prescriptive pharmacy medications for pain or discomfort. At MCEC, they have provided the means for pure cannabis products that have been nothing short of amazing for us. What we love is that MCEC will work with you to assist in getting what works best for you.  

   RV travel has indeed been limited because of the current virus situation. It appears that some County, State, and Federal camping options may be opened soon. So, shall we venture out at that time?

Please contact us at 

So, Let’s Get Rollin’! 

   Russ and Lori 

Rollin' with Russ and Lori: Russ and Lori

A word from MCEC

 Russ and Lori will be camping for sure. Just take precautions. Online reservations can be made in many instances. Fuel up with gloves on and dispose of properly. Pull into your spot, mask and glove-up, hook up. Dispose of gloves and wash your hands. Just enjoy your RV spot and relax. Chilling is a good thing, a very good thing. 

   What of medicinal cannabis in State and Federal Campgrounds?  Russ and Lori like to be campground friendly and have medications in the privacy of our own RV. Laws supporting responsible cannabis use are getting better all the time. We who support responsible cannabis use, do so to ensure the future of potential medicinal discoveries that the cannabis plant has to offer.  

   Russ and Lori would enjoy hearing from you! Let’s share some ideas on camping, things to do close to home, or at home. Growing or cannabis tips will always be a welcome topic to discuss.