Meet Elisabeth

Meet Elisabeth

Elisabeth in Bottle Tree Ranch

“Elisabeth, before we start, where are you from? Were you born and raised in the high desert?”

ELISABETH: “I was born in San Diego Children’s Hospital. I’ve lived all over Southern California. When I became a mother I moved to the High Desert to be closer to family and close friends.”

“What is your story with cannabis? How does it help you?”

ELISABETH: “I have always been a cannabis advocate in my heart. That was difficult with the harsh stigma surrounding this miracle plant. Keep in mind, kiddos, I am talking 21 + years ago. I was underground about my use and even felt ashamed at times. Other times, when responsible activists surrounded me, I felt, I KNEW I was not doing anything to feel ashamed about. Still, I remained an underground user during the night and a soccer mom, active PTA member, and a preschool teacher by day. So many trusted me with their children in my community that it was just not the right time to be a cannabis activist.

 I was terrified my child’s teachers would judge her if she knew I was using cannabis. When I was about 20, I broke my foot in a motorcycle accident. I took painkillers given to me by my doctor. That was the first time, and I am not ashamed to say it… I loved those pills. About 6 years later, I had surgery that had me bedridden for another 6 months, and I was again addicted to painkillers. I wish that were it but a year after I went back to work only to get a hernia from the previous surgery.

 That was major surgery and I was tentatively bedridden for almost a year so as not to have another hernia. I was addicted to Norco AGAIN! This time was really, really bad. My cardiologist said if I stop taking them I could suffer cardiac arrest. I knew I needed to ween off but this time I was in so deep. I asked a friend to help find me something so strong that I wouldn’t want my pills anymore.”


Elisabeth Adding PURE Cannabis Oil To Her At Home Tea

ELISABETH: “Enter into the scenario: Korova brand edibles and homemade tinctures. Thank God. 1000 mg of edibles (this was way before regulations). I began lowering my dose and feeling better and better. I have been off pain killers for almost a decade, and that just would not have been possible without cannabis. Before I found MCEC Delivery, I was already micro-dosing. I did not know it was called that yet. I was taking one-fourth of 10 mg candies every 4 hours that got me through my workday.”

“How did you get started in the cannabis industry?”

ELISABETH: ” I was a member of MCEC Delivery. When I found out they were doing a job fair I thought, “WOW! It’s finally legal!” The owners of MCEC Delivery saw I had a love for the plant, for the people, and a hunger for education. They hired me on a trial basis and WHAM! I was a part of the legal cannabis industry! Day one was a whirlwind of information, we had a 2-week 8 hour a day product training course with all the top vendors. I was in love with learning from day one! Oh, what I wouldn’t do to go back those first 2 weeks with what I know now so I could pick up on all the things I knew were over my head then. My favorite part of the training was that our President and CEO were with us every day learning alongside us. They helped us be sure we understood what we were learning with pop quizzes 

Elisabeth's Baby Cannabis Plant

and exercises, followed by a final test at the end of the two weeks. I felt confident about CB1 and CB2 receptors, THC, CBD, and ratios by the time we opened.”

“Of all your certificates, which is the most meaningful to you, and which do you feel gave you the best information?”

ELISABETH: “Of all the cannabis and endocannabinoid system certificates that I have, I think the first one will remain my favorite because it was my first. I found out I really love learning. The first one was the introduction to the ECS system. However, the most informative was Medical Marijuana 411.  None of these courses belongs on their own, I use them all together like an entourage of learning. I plan on obtaining several more I currently have four. It is my tangible desire to continue to educate people about this plant and the many different ways that people from all walks of life can use this plant in their own way to suit their own lifestyles and manage a myriad of ailments from anxiety to chronic pain to managing chemo and real life-threatening illnesses.”

"Do you have any success stories with members you would like to share? You can omit names if you like”

ELISABETH: “I met J.R. after MCEC Delivery hosted an educational event with Dr. Oda’s One Drop Advantage and Dosist to help teach anyone who would listen. After speaking briefly for my first time to a crowd full of people, several reached out to me for cannabis counseling. I set up a meeting with approximately four individuals a week later. J.R. sticks out in my mind, I felt we just bonded quickly. She was suffering from chronic pain and arthritis. She was on pain meds that she was sick of being on and asked if there was hope for her to get off them. I knew exactly how to help. She was naive to cannabis so we were starting at square one. Education. The only way to not fear something is to understand it. I started talking and she started listening. About 4 hours later, she tried her first dose of cannabis with me in her room with her (She lives in a senior living facility). I remained with her for about 45 minutes. I will never forget after her first dose she asked me, “Is that it did I just do pot?” I said, “That’s it, nothing more to it than journaling your dosage and experience so you can learn how to dose your own to your own comfort level.” She giggled a bit. And we started chatting about other things for a moment, her kids, her grandkids, and the like. She said to me all of the sudden, “I feel so good right now I’m not even sleepy or hungry”. She then started wiggling and rocking around in her chair in a comical way. I raised my eyebrow and she told me this was the first time in a long time that her hips were not hurting her not even a little bit. This was so awesome! I reminded her to take it just as easy as cannabis can make you feel so good you can accidentally overdo it.”

"What is your favorite part of your job?”

Elisabeth Butler

“I am advising a member who was diagnosed with colon cancer that has metastasized and is undergoing treatment. That person is taking Cannakids tincture 1:1, Hash infused pre-rolls 25:1 THC to CBD, as well as supplementing with Moxie and Raw garden high THC vape pens as needed. Mine and my member’s hope is that in tracking his treatment and pain management it will help the next person going through the same specific ordeal.  Helping people daily to make their lives even a tiny bit better or a whole lot more livable is the best way to spend my time. Some days I get phone calls with people just thanking me for sharing my knowledge with them.”

“Other days I get to make house calls and hug crying moms whose children are having fewer seizures because I could explain CBD tinctures and how to administer them. Sometimes I am texting for hours helping the hearing-impaired learn how to get our products to their front door. I get to train other Wellness Advisors, as well as receive real LIVE training from the most amazing vendors like Blooms Farms, Raw Garden, Moxie, Papa & Barkley, L.A. Kush, and Canndescent just to name a few. All this is made possible by our amazing marketing manager and MCEC Delivery’s underlying core, education.  I never dreamed I would have a job that would turn into a career where I get to effectively help people in a real way every day. I have always wanted to help people and this is such a fun platform to do it in.  All while broadening my own education base. Helping change people’s lives has changed my life forever. Thank you MCEC Delivery”