How to Re-Hydrate your Cannabis

How to Re-Hydrate your Cannabis

You go to where you keep your cannabis, grab your favorite strain and your pipe or bong of choice, sit down and open up your flower only to find that it is completely dried out.  Frustration is an understatement, but that is where this blog comes in. Here are some tips and tricks on how to prevent and re-humidify dry cannabis. 


The two best ways to prevent your cannabis from drying out are storage and location.  Storage being glass jars as opposed to plastic. The good news here is that most legal cannabis is now packaged in glass jars.  However, there are still some that are not, and that’s ok! This is easily resolved with a mason jar, repurposed pickle jar (cleaned, of course), really anything that is glass and resealable.  Second, we’re going to talk about the real enemy to your fresh cannabis and that is oxygen and UV light. It’s best to store your cannabis in a cool dry place that does not see sunlight, a cabinet or drawer will work just fine.  If you purchase more than an eighth it is best to divvy up the amount into smaller jars to avoid opening and closing the same jar over and over again, thus allowing oxygen in and potentially drying out the nugs. 

If prevention does not work and you want to re-humidify your cannabis here are some tricks on how to do that outside of the typical humidity pack in a video.  *Please note, all of these suggestions are not long term solutions.* 

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