Since cannabis became legal in California for recreation as well as medical use, the number of dispensaries has grown considerably. Many of them have begun to offer legal marijuana delivery service in an effort to attract more business. While this is a big convenience, it shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing a cannabis provider. You should be looking out for a company that offers only the best products and services. Here are some things to consider.

Wide Selection

A good cannabis dispensary should give you a wide variety of products to choose from. If you’re a first-time buyer, the staff should be well-informed and able to guide you toward a product that’s right for you. You may not like the idea of smoking, in which case you’ll need other options like tinctures, vapes, edibles, and topicals. Make sure that you have a good selection to choose from and experts available to answer all of your questions.

Safe, Quality Products

Before you order any products from a legal marijuana delivery service, you should be confident that what you’re getting is safe and of the highest quality. Any reputable cannabis dispensary will have rigorous inspection and testing procedures in place. Each product must be checked to see that it is free from any harmful fungicides, pesticides or other chemicals. It should be further tested for taste, smell and appearance, and any unique characteristics should be noted.

No-Hassle Delivery

The dispensary should give you a choice of options for how to place your order, whether by phone, over the Internet, or with a phone app. When your order is finally placed, you should be confident that you’ll get your delivery promptly and discreetly. The dispensary should let you know, with a text or a call, approximately what time your order will arrive. The delivery person should be driving an unmarked vehicle, and bring you your order in a plainly-wrapped package.

Ask Questions Before You Buy

Before ordering from a legal marijuana delivery service, you should feel confident that you’re getting the best services and products for your money. By asking questions first and making sure that the dispensary has what you need, you’ll be sure to make a great choice.



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