Happy Father’s Day with MCEC products

Happy Father’s Day with MCEC products

Happy Father's Day!

Father’s Day is this weekend, and those of us celebrating the father-figures in our lives may be looking for some great cannabis gift options for dad! Well, MCEC asked some of the “dads” at the shop would they think would make great gifts and here is what they came up with.

Happy Father’s Day with link-style Jerky made from Grass-Fed Beef! Perfect for hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and jerky lovers. If dad isn’t into the sugary edibles this is a great option! 

Is dad a big LA Sports fan and cannabis user? Then you cannot go wrong with any of LA Kush products.  All strains are based on LA Sports teams and players such as the Dodgers, the Lakers, and there’s even a strain named after King Lebron himself. 

Maybe your dad is really into technology and likes to have a precise temperature for his vape products.  The PAX Era not only does both but if he doesn’t want your mom using his vape pen when he’s not home he can lock it from his phone. Pair the PAX Era battery with one of the new Raw Garden PAX Era 2 Pods and dad will be a happy guy! 

Jüüg not only has great flower but it also comes in its own staff jar! Which is great if your dad’s partner isn’t one for having cannabis around the house.  Juug brings creative and nostalgic designs while providing high-quality cannabis with a unique connection to the smoking experience.

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm is a concentrated whole plant cannabis-infused salve that will help relax and calm your pops. The balm is made with nourishing organic oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender. This cannabinoid-rich balm is plant-based and powerful on pain. Made from the whole plant with all-natural ingredients that won’t irritate sensitive skin, and will address inflammation and chronic pain. A great option if dad is just looking for some external pain relief.