Symeon’s Bio

Symeon’s Bio: Symeon has been a driver with MCEC for about a year now. He is the definition of a great employee. Always punctual, always polite, and always consistent. He is a favorite with our members! When Symeon is not driving for MCEC he spends his time skateboarding, hiking, and playing basketball. He also enjoys nice strolls on the beach and a good margarita.


Alison’s Bio

Alison is pretty new to the MCEC Crew, having only been hired on this past winter. She started out in Call Center, but then found her strengths were better in Fulfillment. In her off time, Alison is studying to be an obstetric sonographer. When she’s not studying or in school, she’s a fan of PC gaming. Her current favorites include Overwatch and Valorant.


Xavier’s Bio

Xavier, aka Chef Crumbles, is a newer member of the MCEC Crew. He was hired at the beginning of the current pandemic. Before driving for MCEC, Xavier was a chef and has always had an interest in making his own edibles. We decided to harness that passion and now you can view some of his recipes on the MCEC Blog! When Xavier is not working at MCEC, he’s working on his next edible recipe, exercising, or hanging out with his dog.