Elevate your Standards with a consultation

Elevate your Standards with a FREE cannabis consultation. MCEC prides itself on Education being at the core of our values. In order to bring cannabis education to the masses, our certified wellness advisor Elisbeth will share her knowledge. This consultation is good for a 20 minute session where she answers all your cannabis related questions. Call to schedule today! 760-299-6232 or email us at: consultations@mcecdelivery.com

Elevate your Standards: About Elisabeth

Elisabeth has had a passion for studying cannabis since 2017. This passion lead her to her partnership with MCEC. This is where her consultations have helped people relieve their symptoms, transform their health, and live their best life. With all the misinformation and stigma surrounding cannabinoids, Elisabeth helps to dispel fears people may have about CBD & THC through education. Many of MCEC’s members have walked away from her consultations with a clear understanding of how to use CBD/THC products and what to expect. 

Elisabeth’s Certifications

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Green Flower: Cannabis Fundamentals

Medical Marijuana 411: Cannabis Consultant Certification

Alternate Medical Media: TheEDC, BD Series

PFC: Advanced Endocannabinoid Certification

Your Health Matters

Find out how we’re on our way to becoming Southern California’s Safest Cannabis Delivery service. Find out more about our process HERE.

This is how MCEC Elevates Our Standards

With the Internet spreading news rapidly and reaching every part of our daily life, we become more and more aware of the tragedies around us. MCEC would like to start by giving back when we can. The recent Australian Wildfire’s touched us and this is where we decided this would be a great place to start.. With a cannabis special of donating a dollar for each sale made, we raised over $1000 for the Australian Wildfire Relief Effort.