MCEC stands against racism. We still cannot believe that in a country that is as advanced as ours that racism still exists, but here we are.  MCEC is a richly diverse workplace, and we like to think that we honor our employee’s heritage.  When we heard of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and then George Flyod’s deaths, our hearts shattered.  


This cannot continue, behaviors must be corrected, actions must be punished.  The cannabis industry especially has a reason to speak out against racism since so many black men and women have been placed in corrective institutes over the use of the plant.  MCEC stands with the Black Community.  We stand against police brutality.  MCEC stands against racism. We stand with our friends and members who speak out against racism and teach understanding.  Our focus is to create a world that is not only kind but inclusive.  A world that elevates its standards.