Thursday, March 26, 2020, Governor Newsom asked the citizens of California to self-isolate in order to flatten the curve for a minimum of 15 days. Though we have seen our fair share of the negative aspects of this self-isolation, IE the panic buying. We have also seen the positive.  This is the first time in a long time people are coming together to, well, not come together. It seems most are seeing that self-isolation is for the greater good. But, let’s be honest, some of us are downright bored sitting at home all day. Thank goodness for cannabis.


Let’s start with the obvious, some of us are very anxious about what the media is telling us regarding COVID-19, and are depressed with how some of society is responding.  Enter, cannabis. Cannabis is a natural mood-elevator, and anxiety killer. It possesses certain endocannabinoids such as CBD and CBG have been linked to assisting with anxiety and depression.  Edibles in low dosage are a great option for anyone looking for a pick me up that includes some giggles.

Maybe you’re on the opposite end, and your rearing to get up and go, go, go. Well, guess what? Cannabis can help with that too. Self-isolation is a great time to start that at-home workout routine you found on Instagram or Youtube. Cannabis strains such as Jack Herer or Super Lemon Haze are great pre-workout strains.  Also, any cannabis products high in THCv will also help with this. An example would be the Level Stimulate THCv-rich tablingual. For an increase in athletic performance, look into One Drop Advantage, but more on that on a later blog.

What better time to try a new hobby? Painting, writing, reading, completing puzzles, lego building, the list can go on.  Now, you’re probably wondering how cannabis is going to help with this; right? Well, let me tell you. Cannabis is known to help with the creative process for a lot of individuals. It assists with the removal of “ego” so you can let loose and allow the creative juices to overflow.  Hybrids strains and CBD ratio products are wonderful options for this. Candor Collections Day Dreamer and Bloom Brand Champagne Kush are great recommendations.  

Try baking, but with Cannabutter! There are a ton of great cannabis-infused brownies out there (Kaneh Co Best of Both Worlds Brownies), but why not grab a tub of Cannabutter and safely experiment with some fun cannabis recipes.  Just be sure to keep track of how much Cannabutter you are using in the recipe, so you can dose appropriately.

 In the end, there’s no better time to focus on what you can control. When you focus on what you can control, it gives you back your sanity and allows for routine to be welcomed back into your life. Please, do not take this blog post as making light of the current situation at hand.  Sometimes we need a little light humor when things seem bleak.