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Rollin’ with Russ and Lori

Hello from Russ and Lori,     We thank MCEC for the opportunity to bring ‘Rollin’ With Russ and Lori’ to you in a monthly format. Staying healthy in mind and body foremost, take that wellness and enjoy some adventures. These can be RV adventures, adventures close to home, or adventures at your home.      MCEC has been important in our…
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Meet Elisabeth

Elisabeth in Bottle Tree Ranch “Before we start, where are you from? Were you born and raised in the high desert?” ELISABETH: “I was born in San Diego Children’s Hospital. I’ve lived all over Southern California. When I became a mother I moved to the High Desert to be closer to family and close friends.”…
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Apple Valley Resident’s Cancer Story

Russ Tice is a 64-year-old retired special education teacher who resides in Apple Valley.  That may sound like the average citizen up here, but once you hear Russ’s story, it is anything but average. Russ was born in Lynwood in 1954, his family would move to the new community of La Mirada a year later.…
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