Cannabis Beverages: Let’s Talk About It

Cannabis Beverages: Let’s Talk About It

Let's Talk About Cannabis Beverages

The weather in Southern California has been incredibly warm as of late.  And with the recent re-closing of California, most of us are spending these upcoming dog days of summer at our homes with or without A/C and in need of a great THC option. As usual, MCEC has the goods, and the goods this time around are cannabis-infused beverages!

Our Choices

Taking a (cliche) cue from some of the world’s most innovative startups, Cann began in Jake’s garage in Palo Alto, California while he was in business school in 2018. That same year, Jake recruited Luke, an old friend, and former colleague, who had never been to a dispensary before, to help design a brand and collection of products for people who are cannabis curious.

Enter Cann Social Tonic! A lightly carbonated cannabis seltzer with a 15-minute onset that is comparable to a light beer. And with flavors like Grapefruit Rosemary, Lemon Lavender, and Blood Orange Cardamon, you literally cannot go wrong! This drink was designed for laughter and social situations. (And MCEC is doing a BOGO on them this weekend 7/16-7/20)

Inspired by the notion of combining the fun, social, celebratory experience of drinking with the magic and joy of cannabis, Colorado man Erik mixed up an early batch of “Keef Cola” and placed a prototype in front of his beloved Grandma Dee. Dee opened the bottle and took a sip. And then another. That day, Keef was born! Currently on our menu is the Orange Kush, and two of the mocktails, Strawberry Kiwi and Lemonade.  Orange Kush posses refreshing notes of orange citrus flavor and the perfect amount of carbonation – meet your new favorite orange soda.

Keef Cola

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops

Did you know that hops and cannabis are cousins? This will totally make sense when you try this refreshing beverage that is perfect for backyard BBQs. Popular craft brew icon, Lagunitas partnered with the folks at Absolute Xtracts to create this refreshing, sparkling hop beverage.  It’s all the great taste of a Lagunitas beer with none of the downside.  Hi-Fi Hops has zero calories, zero carbs, and zero hangovers!  Definitely a must-try.

Are you more of an iced tea drinker? Subtle Tea is handcrafted to support daily balance to your body’s Endocannabinoid System. Subtly sweet, yet contains no calories or artificial sweeteners. It comes in two flavors, White Peach which contains 10mg per bottle, and Jasmine Green tea which has a 1:1 ratio of 5mg CBD to 5mg THC. Perfect for those relaxing days spent in your air-conditioned home.

Subtle Tea

Green Revolution Water-Based Tinctures

Maybe all of these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for and you want to make your own cannabis drink? Green Revolution Tinctures are water-based and water-soluble, so they dissolve instantly into any beverage or can be consumed sublingually. Green Revolution has created a family of water tinctures with various cannabinoid and terpene profiles perfect for every moment.