The Many Methods of Consuming Cannabis


The Many Methods of Consuming Cannabis

October 4, 2021

The Many Methods of Consuming Cannabis

A growing number of people are considering cannabis for the potential medicinal benefits it can offer – but how do you consume cannabis? For many new cannabis users, it’s easy to assume that the only option is to smoke cannabis. However, this isn’t entirely the case! Cannabis is actually incredibly versatile, and this can make it a practical solution for many people, thanks to the multiple methods of ingestion that you could consider. Fortunately, we’ll be summarizing the many different methods to consume cannabis today. Hopefully, this will help you find the ideal option for your cannabis consumption needs!

The Different Options for Consuming Cannabis

As we’ve briefly mentioned already, cannabis is versatile in terms of ingestion methods. To this end, cannabis users can choose between numerous different ways to consume cannabis – and we’ve outlined some of the most popular and effective ways of consuming cannabis as follows. Smoking marijuana can have incredibly rapid results, with the active ingredients (including CBD and THC) quickly absorbing into the bloodstream.

Smoking Cannabis

Inevitably, one of the most popular and well-known methods of ingestion for cannabis products is smoking. Nonetheless, while smoking cannabis might be the obvious option, there’s plenty of valuable reasons why this is. In fact, for avid cannabis users, smoking cannabis can offer many benefits. Smoking Cannabis with Smoking Pipes Cannabis users can smoke marijuana in a variety of ways. The archetypal method for smoking cannabis, of course, is with smoking pipes. Glass hand pipes are among the most effective options for smoking cannabis. Notably, they don’t taint the flavor of your cannabis; all the while, they also provide an easy and durable way to smoke dry herbs. Plus, glass hand pipes can also come in various shapes and designs, including patterned and colorful glass for a unique cannabis smoking experience.

Alternatives to Smoking Pipes

Using glass smoking pipes is one of the most popular methods of smoking cannabis. However, that’s not the only option you could consider if you think smoking cannabis is your style! Dry herbs (cannabis flowers) can be rolled in cigarette rolling papers for a quick and rapid-absorbing option. Alternatively, you could mix your dried herbs with tobacco for a slightly milder smoking experience if you don’t want to experience the intense psychedelic effects of cannabis. On that score, though, this is something that we do not necessarily recommend, as tobacco can cause numerous health concerns and is highly addictive.

Vaping Cannabis

The next option to consume cannabis on our list is vaping. Vaping requires specialist cannabis vape pens and can provide an excellent cannabis consumption experience. For many new cannabis users, vaping cannabis can offer an excellent alternative method of ingestion as it’s clean, easy, and discrete. Furthermore, vaping cannabis offers incredibly rapid results that are largely on par with smoking cannabis. As such, you’ll start experiencing the beneficial psychoactive effects shortly after using your favorite vape pens. Most vape pens work with e-liquids, a form of cannabis that’s incredibly easy to use. With that being said, some vape pens are also designed for use with dry herbs. The choice depends on your personal preference. What’s more, portable vape pen models are also available, and these make it easy to take your vape pen with you on the go (although it’s worth remembering that vaping cannabis in public is still illegal). There are common perceptions that vape pens can offer a safer cannabis consumption method compared to smoking cannabis. Their simplicity and mess-free nature further make vaping a popular option to consider for consuming marijuana.

Cannabis Oils and Creams

For those looking to experience the beneficial medical psychoactive effects of cannabis, cannabis and CBD oils could be a good option to consider. While these don’t have the same overall experience as other cannabis options, such as vaping or smoking, they are incredibly effective. As a highly potent source of active compounds, cannabis oils are arguably the fastest solution for absorbing into the bloodstream, giving you rapid results. What’s more, cannabis oils and creams also offer a discreet option for your cannabis consumption needs, which could make this a good method for consuming marijuana to try.

Edibles and Beverages

If you’ve been looking for a simple and effective way to consume marijuana, there are various cannabis products designed as edibles. Edibles come in numerous forms, including cannabis gummies, cookies, ingredients, coffee, tea, and the like. Though these can seem entirely innocent, they can still provide notable psychoactive effects. This powerful nature makes them a growingly popular form of cannabis, especially for those who don’t want to smoke cannabis or vape. Moreover, they are also discrete, and it can be challenging for people to tell the difference between a standard product and a cannabis edible. Cannabis edibles typically provide a moderate dose of cannabis per item, and cannabis isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream as quickly as with smoked or vaped cannabis. Nonetheless, their practicality and ease of consumption make cannabis edibles a worthwhile option to consider.

Some people even create their own cannabis edibles or drinks by adding a little cannabis oil to their favorite cooked or baked recipes. So, the options are numerous with cannabis edibles and beverages!

Transdermal Patches

As the final installment on this list, we’d be remiss not to consider cannabis transdermal patches. Indeed, transdermal patches are increasingly used for medical marijuana patients needing a long-term, extended-release of cannabinoids from cannabis. However, they are not necessarily readily available, and other options may be an easier choice for most cannabis users.


There are many ways to consume cannabis, and the most suitable methods of ingestion will depend on your own personal preferences. Indeed, cannabis consumption methods are more versatile than just smoking cannabis; as such, there’s a cannabis solution for everyone! Hopefully, our guide today will have given you some insight into the different methods of ingestion. For further advice and support on finding the best way to consume cannabis, get in touch with a member of our team today. We’ll do our best to help you find the perfect solution!

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