Cruise by Canndescent - Strain Review


Cruise by Canndescent - Strain Review

October 4, 2021

Cruise by Canndescent - Strain Review

The Packaging:

The packaging I am reviewing is for the 1/8th jar/box of “Cruise” by Canndescent. If you are a consumer that prefers discreet packaging then Canndescent is a great fit. The outside of the box has a feminine appeal to it that reminds me of a perfume box. The box comes with the 1/8th jar, a hemp wick and an informational card describing the benefits of using a hemp wick. There is useful information regarding their brand and strain effects on the inside of the box. Overall a very modern style of packaging that doesn’t scream the word “cannabis” in your face.

The Bud:

The jar was filled with light green medium-sized nugs that were frosty and fresh. I was hit with a satisfying aroma of citrus and skunk when I pulled off the protective seal. The taste of the flower was herbal and somewhat spicy. The buds were easy to break apart without it being too flaky.

The High:

After consuming about a gram in the form of a joint, my first impression of the strain was that the name fits the bill! I would consider Cruise a “slow-creeper” considering that it took a good 5-10 minutes for the full effects to kick in. After the waiting period I was greeted with a wave of complete relaxation. I was equally calm in both mind and in body, as if the stress melted away. I was elevated and comfortable yet able to function. I recommend this strain to anyone who works long hours and wants to take a load off when they get home after a long day. This high left me feeling stress-free and in a great mood! A highly-recommended strain for others that suffer with depression and/or stress.

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