Self-Isolating? Here’s How Cannabis Can Help

Thursday, March 26, 2020, Governor Newsom asked the citizens of California to self-isolate in order to flatten the curve for a minimum of 15 days. Though we have seen our fair share of the negative aspects of this self-isolation, IE the panic buying. We have also seen the positive.  This is the first time in…
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As part of our effort to minimize the risk and therefore the spread of covid-19 we are instituting the following policies immediately: All fulfillment and delivery personnel are equipped with sanitary gloves and are changing them regularly All personnel working in the facility are restricted to use only their assigned computer and phone We have…
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Apple Valley Resident’s Cancer Story

Russ Tice is a 64-year-old retired special education teacher who resides in Apple Valley.  That may sound like the average citizen up here, but once you hear Russ’s story, it is anything but average. Russ was born in Lynwood in 1954, his family would move to the new community of La Mirada a year later.…
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