Author: Laura Gresham

Rollin' with Russ & Lori

Rollin with Russ & Lori: RV Adventures and Cannabis

A letter from Russ & Lori from Rollin’ with Russ and Lori: Hello from Rollin’ with Russ & Lori! We trust this blog finds you healthy and happy! It appears camping has needed to evolve with the times as other venues do. RV sales have been exceptionally good as of late and continue to show…
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Dominick Reyes signs with MCEC as Chief Brand Ambassador

Dominick Reyes: MCEC’s Chief Brand Ambassador MCEC is proud and excited to announce that Dominick “The Devastator” Reyes, UFC’s #1 Light Heavyweight contender in the world, will be the delivery dispensary’s Chief Brand Ambassador. Dominick has always been dedicated and an advocate to maintaining a holistic and natural approach to his recovery after training. Although there…
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How to Re-Hydrate your Cannabis with MCEC

How to Re-Hydrate your Cannabis: You go to where you keep your cannabis stash. Grab your favorite strain along with your pipe or bong of choice. Sit down and open up your cannabis flower only to find that it is completely dried out. Your frustration is an understatement, but that is where this blog comes…
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