Author: Christine Ganci

Cannabis Beverages: Let’s Talk About It

Let’s Talk About Cannabis Beverages The weather in Southern California has been incredibly warm as of late.  And with the recent re-closing of California, most of us are spending these upcoming dog days of summer at our homes with or without A/C and in need of a great THC option. As usual, MCEC has the…
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Happy Father’s Day with MCEC products

Happy Father’s Day! Father’s Day is this weekend, and those of us celebrating the father-figures in our lives may be looking for some great cannabis gift options for dad! Well, MCEC asked some of the “dads” at the shop would they think would make great gifts and here is what they came up with. Stoned…
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Rollin' with Russ & Lori

Rollin with Russ & Lori: Pala Casino in Pala California

A letter from Russ & Lori from Rollin’ with Russ and Lori: Hello from Rollin’ with Russ & Lori! Well, we did it! Our first camping outing since things closed, we had a wonderful couple of days at Pala RV Resort. The Pala RV Resort was like being on a peaceful island. It was like…
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MCEC stands with the Black Community MCEC stands against racism. We still cannot believe that in a country that is as advanced as ours that racism still exists, but here we are.  MCEC is a richly diverse workplace, and we like to think that we honor our employee’s heritage.  When we heard of Ahmaud Arbery,…
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The Re-branding of CKSoul

How to Navigate the Re-branding of Cannakids to CKSoul The Re-branding of CKSoul: Cannakids has been an important brand for a lot of our members and their children.  Cannakids and its mission were inspired by the owner’s little girl, Sophie Ryan. You can read more about Sophie and her story here. Cannakids has recently re-branded…
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